This article explains the steps taken to export DHCP scopes from one server and import them to another or from old to new server. I have tried and tested them for DHCP on Windows Server 2003.

Run the following from command prompt using administrator login. You can try running this from any domain computer.

C:\> netsh dhcp server \\dhcpservername1 export C:\DHCPServerScope1 all

This exports the DHCP scope from this server to a file called “DHCPServerScope1” under C drive.

If the above method does not work due to invalid path error, which is possible; then you can export the scopes by logging into the DHCP server. You can then export and save the scopes to the local or shared folder. After this, to import the scopes, you can log into the other DHCP server and again using “netsh.exe” utility import the configurations of the scopes to the other DHCP server (Recommended)

To export scopes following syntax can be used:

netsh dhcp server export <Filename> <ScopeList>


C:\>netsh dhcp server export c:\scopes\DHCPServerScope1

To import scopes following syntax can be used:

netsh dhcp server import <Filename> all


C:\>netsh dhcp server import c:\scopes\DHCPServerScope1 all